Discover the mountainous Lefkada

he mountainous part of the island is a beautiful area surrounded by mountains with small and large plains between them, such as Livadi (Prairie) and the plateau of Agios Donatos. The torrents that spring from the mountaintops form canyons that are natural monuments due to their wild beauty.

Here you can see the wonderful changes of scenery, especially in the springtime and in autumn, with dozens of colours, small and large traditional settlements and scattered remains of the past that tend to become one with the natural landscape.

The flora of the region includes rare wildflowers, aromatic herbs, many species of trees and can be an amazing observation field for the nature lovers.

At the central part of the island there are some of the oldest settlements.

Karia (or Karya) is the larger village. It follows the pace of tourist development without betraying its traditions and offers many choices for accommodation, food and leisure.

The village’s churches and museums are worth your attention. Many cultural events are organised there (the Traditional Rural Wedding, the Night of “Riganada”, Carnival events, dance activities etc)

Karya is also known for the famous knitting technique of Karya which the knitters use to create real pieces of art. At the Prairie, the farmers cultivate “lathiria” (horse beans) which are very nutritional pulses. A little higher there is the abandoned settlement of Rekatsinata that is worth visiting.

The villages of Sfakiotes, Spanohori, Kavalos, Lazarata, Asprogerakata, Pinakohori are very charming, with an intense traditional character, noteworthy religious monuments, beautiful squares and a growing tourist interest. The national poet, Aristotelis Valaoritis places here the origin of his hero, Foteinos, in his homonymous poem that describes the farmers’ riot against the Venetian conquerors in 1357. The walks in the small streets of the villages are wonderful experiences. In these streets there are many alternatives for lodging, food and relaxation. At Kavalos there is a Folklore Museum while this is also the starting point of the famous canyon of Melissa.

Pigadisani, the place of origin of the soprano Agnes Baltsa, is a gorgeous village that gazes at the Prairie from above. It has picturesque churches, an old Venetian bridge and an amazing view of the east.

Alexandros and Kolyvata, two old traditional settlements with notable religious monuments, an active club that organises special cultural events mostly during the summer months and rare flora, are located on the western edges of the divine Mount Skari.

Platystoma and Vafkeri are also traditional, green-clad villages with important religious monuments. At Platystoma you have to visit the café-museum and at Vafkeri you should enjoy the food at the village’s square.

Finally, Egklouvi, the most mountainous village of the region, is famous for its lentils that are cultivated at the plateau of Agios Donatos. At its square you can enjoy coffee or food. At the plateau of Agios Donatos the Feast of Lentils is organised every August. Around the small chapel you can find the Volti, unique old stone huts for agricultural use. From the small church of Agios Ilias, which is located a little bit higher, you will enjoy the amazing view of the eastern part of the island.

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